ACCORD FINANCIAL CORP. is the parent company, with three arms to provide our clients with complete financial services.

ACCORD BUSINESS CREDIT INC. is in the business of factoring - credit protection, record-keeping, collections and optional financing to Canadian-based companies, and companies shipping to Canada. Accord's guaranteed protection service eliminates credit risk, preserves your capital and protects your line of credit at the bank.

MONTCAP FINANCIAL CORP. finances small and medium-sized Canadian businesses by purchasing invoices at a discount. Montcap provides reliable funding and receivables financing to help their clients ...

Contact Information

77 Bloor Street West
18th Floor
Toronto, ON M5S1M2



Investor Relations

Stuart Adair
e-mail: info@accordfinancial.com


Exchange: TSX
Industry: Industrial
Market Cap: $78.2M

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