About Brooke Corporation ... Brooke Corporation is a holding company listed on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "BXXX". Brooke Corporation owns 100 percent of Brooke Bancshares, Inc., a banking organization with a federally chartered thrift institution that operates an agent bank. Brooke Corporation owns 62 percent of Brooke Credit Corporation (d/b/a Aleritas Capital; OTCBB: BRCR), a finance company specializing in insurance-related lending. Brooke Corporation owns 81 percent of Brooke Capital Corporation (AMEX: BCP - News), an insurance organization with a non-standard auto insurance company, a life insurance company and insurance agency franchising operations.

Contact Information

1303 S.W. First American Place
Suite 308
Topeka, KS 66604

tel: 785-267-7077
fax: 785-267-7079


Investor Relations



Exchange: AMEX
Industry: Life Insurance
Market Cap: $19.4M

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