Quadra Realty Trust, Inc. (Quadra) (NYSE: QRR - News), a commercial real estate finance company headquartered in New York, was formed primarily to invest in commercial mortgage investments and related products. Quadra invests in a diversified portfolio of commercial mortgage investments and related projects and is managed by Hypo Real Estate Capital Corporation ("HRECC"). Quadra's portfolio consists of approximately $686 million of real estate finance loans and undrawn commitments of approximately $235 million. A substantial portion of the loans in Quadra's portfolio was syndicated by HRECC and most of these positions are currently held by HRECC on its balance sheet. As of January 24, 2008, Quadra's portfolio is comprised of participations in 28 loans that are backed by real estate assets located primarily in coastal US markets, as well as premier inland markets, including Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. Quadra's portfolio is diversified across property sectors: Condominium, Multifamily, ...

Contact Information

622 Third Avenue
31st Floor
New York, NY 10017

tel: 212-671-6400
fax: 212-850-5790


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Exchange: NYSE
Industry: REIT - Retail
Market Cap: $278.3M

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