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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Community Bankers Acquisition Corp. BTC Alexandria, VA Diversified Inv... $68.9M 100
Enterra Energy Trust ENT-UN.TO Calgary, AB, Ca... Oil & Gas $167.6M 97
TransGlobe Energy Corp. TGA Calgary, Canada Independent Oil... $311.9M 97
BOE Financial Services of Virg BSXT Tappahannock, V... Regional - Mid-... $35M 97
TransCommunity Financial Corporation TCYF.OB Glen Allen, VA Unknown $31.1M 97
Dejour Enterprises Ltd. DEJ Vancouver, Cana... Industrial Meta... $121.3M 96
TransGlobe Energy Corporation TGL.TO Calgary, AB, Ca... Oil & Gas $328.1M 96
RAM Energy Resources, Inc. RAME Tulsa, OK Diversified Inv... $360.3M 96
Encore Energy Partners LP ENP Fort Worth, TX Oil & Gas Drill... $790.7M 96
American Oil & Gas Inc. AEZ Denver, CO Independent Oil... $184M 95
Endeavor International Corp. END Houston, TX Independent Oil... $218M 95
Evolution Petroleum Corp. EPM Houston, TX Independent Oil... $175.6M 95
Toreador Resources Corp. TRGL Dallas, TX Independent Oil... $171.7M 95
Energy Partners Ltd. EPL New Orleans, LA Independent Oil... $468.1M 94
Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp. FPP Cedar Park, TX Independent Oil... $51.1M 94
Gulfport Energy Corp. GPOR Oklahoma City, ... Independent Oil... $624.2M 94
Parallel Petroleum Corp. PLLL Midland, TX Independent Oil... $922.6M 94
Vaalco Energy Inc. EGY Houston, TX Independent Oil... $470.4M 94
Canadian Superior Energy Inc. SNG Calgary, Canada Oil & Gas Drill... $585.1M 94
MV Oil Trust MVO Austin, TX Oil & Gas Drill... $269.7M 94
Rex Energy Corp. REXX State College, ... Oil & Gas Drill... $774.7M 94
Platinum Energy Resources, Inc. PGRI.OB Montvale, NJ Diversified Inv... $109.2M 94
Canadian Superior Energy Inc. SNG.TO Calgary, AB, Ca... Oil & Gas $428.2M 94
Abraxas Petroleum Corp. ABP San Antonio, TX Independent Oil... $219.6M 94
BMB Munai Inc. KAZ Almaty, Kazakhs... Independent Oil... $250.2M 94

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