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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. QTWW Irvine, CA Auto Parts $160M 100
Ultralife Batteries Inc. ULBI Newark, NY Industrial Elec... $178.8M 87
Electro Energy Inc. EEEI Danbury, CT Industrial Elec... $21.5M 80
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. GBT New York, NY Industrial Elec... $201.2M 79
ZBB Energy Corporation ZBB Menomonee Falls... Electric Utilit... $33.6M 79
Wireless Age Communications, Inc. WLSA.OB Mississauga, ON... Unknown N/A 79
TASER International Inc. TASR Scottsdale, AZ Aerospace/Defen... $462.9M 78
Geovic Mining Corp. GMC.TO Grand Junction,... Mining $165.9M 78
Geovic Mining Corp. GMC-WT.TO Grand Junction,... Mining $3.2M 78
Geovic Mining Corp. GMC-WT-A.TO Grand Junction,... Mining $11.3M 78
Geovic Mining Corp. GMC-WT-B.TO Grand Junction,... Mining $1.7M 78
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Limited AOSL Sunnyvale, CA Semiconductor -... $275M 78
Trulite, Inc. TRUL.OB Houston, TX Unknown $8M 78
mPhase Technologies, Inc. XDSL.OB Norwalk, CT Communication E... $34.2M 72
Viaspace Inc. VSPC.OB Pasadena, CA Business Softwa... $14.5M 72
O2Micro International Ltd. OIIM George Town, Ca... Computer Periph... $329.9M 72
ZAP ZAAP.OB Santa Rosa, CA Auto Manufactur... $53.3M 72
Odyne Corporation ODYC.OB Hauppauge, NY Industrial Elec... $20M 72
Valence Technology Inc. VLNC Austin, TX Industrial Elec... $449M 72
Innovative Card Technologies Inc. INVC Los Angeles, CA Diversified Ele... $47.4M 72
Kopin Corp. KOPN Taunton, MA Diversified Ele... $207.8M 72
Arotech Corp. ARTX Ann Arbor, MI Industrial Elec... $29.9M 72
China BAK Battery, Inc. CBAK Shenzhen, China Industrial Elec... $216M 72
Smart Energy Solutions, Inc. SMGY.OB Clifton, NJ Auto Parts Whol... $14.3M 72
ECOtality, Inc. ECTY San Francisco, ... Electric Utilit... $42.2M 72

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